Prof. Dr. Boris Aleshin
Prof. Dr. Boris Aleshin
President of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

On behalf of the hosts, I welcome you on the official site of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

The major changes in the aerospace sector and related industries open new opportunities to effectively solve issues at hand. New disruptive technologies and engineering solutions will help us to increase safety, comfort and speed of commercial transportation, make travels and cargo shipping more efficient and affordable. Advanced satellite platforms will offer new opportunities in industries such as communications, navigation and monitoring. Competition between states and international alliances and battle for next generation technologies will become more and more intense. In this situation it is more important than ever to take the right decisions and choose the right path for the scientific and technological research.

The Fourth Eurasian Aerospace Congress will unite powerful industry professionals and together we will be able to identify the challenges that the industry is facing and work out suitable solutions for the issues at hand. Taking this honored and important position of the President and Co-chairman of the Congress, I will do my best to ensure the highest level of the discussion.

I invite all representatives of the scientific organizations, financial institutions, as well as policy makers and businessmen from the Russian Federation and across the globe to participate in the dialogue. Hope to see you soon at the Fourth Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

Valentina Matviyenko
Valentina Matviyenko
Speaker of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

On behalf of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and myself, I greet the participants of the Fourth Eurasian Aerospace Congress.

The Congress has become a large-scale event in the aerospace industry. Its participants contribute to research and production as well as developing talent and and professional human resources, successfully implementing global innovations and promoting international cooperation.

I am confident that current challenging economic conditions highlight the importance of searching for new ways forward for the industry. Therefore, the Congress will inevitably become a solid platform of the Eurasian region for professional discussion of many pressing issues, and the decisions made will contribute to increasing the competitive power and investment attractiveness of the aerospace industry.

I wish you fruitful work and success in the implementation of the most ambitious projects.

Dr. Denis Manturov
Dr. Denis Manturov
Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Dear Friends!

The Eurasian Aerospace Congress held this year for the fourth time is one of the most important events for those involved in the design and operation of aviation and space-based technologies.

In the conditions of a large-scale crisis caused by the pandemic, the Government of the Russian Federation launched measures to support domestic manufacturers, which allowed to maintain aviation equipment production rates and to continue the development of promising civil and military products. Thus, we create a solid basis for the consolidation of our competitive positions in the post-crisis period.

Nevertheless, a successful solution to current problems does not diminish the importance of strategic transformations escalated in high-tech industries.

We will have to discuss the implementation results of first projects in the field of digital transformation to scale successful solutions. The exchange of experience in production model modification, mastering new technologies, and technical upgrade remains topical.

Particular attention shall be paid to the course of strengthening the Eurasian industrial integration outlined by the President of the Russian Federation at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council last December. We focus on the development of international projects, including projects with new partners.

The Eurasian Aerospace Congress has firmly established itself as a platform consolidating the industry agenda, science, and education. It will traditionally focus on industry management issues ensuring forward-looking research, rapid creation of breakthrough products and technologies, and their market launch.

The coordination of this work and end-to-end program management require comprehensive knowledge, unconventional approaches, and determination from new industry leaders. Therefore, I expect that not only current leaders but also representatives of the succession pool, young scientists, researchers, and engineers will participate in the Congress.

I am calling you for a dialogue that will help form constructive proposals for the development of the aviation science, aerospace industry and related industries, improved performance of Russian companies in the domestic and international markets, further development of mutually beneficial international cooperation.

Dr. Valery Falkov
Dr. Valery Falkov
Minister Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

Greetings to the organizers and participants of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

Today we are talking about changes in the global aerospace industry, not only from the standpoint of technologies. The very strategy of the aerospace industry development is changing.

The rocket and space industry was one of the first to feel the synergistic effect of the merger of fundamental and applied science, universities and enterprises in the real economy sector. That is why the key task of the Congress is to consolidate the cooperation between industrial and scientific enterprises of the aerospace industry in the entire Eurasian space.

I am sure that the scientific and educational community will make their contribution and shape promising solutions, taking into account the challenges and prospects the industry faces today. The interaction on the Congress platform will allow us to sum up the already launched projects in the aerospace industry and launch new programs.

I wish you good luck, effective work and new achievements!

Dr. Dmitry Rogozin
Dr. Dmitry Rogozin
General Director of the State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS

My greetings to the participants, organizers and guests of the Fourth Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

This Congress precedes the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon where achievements of the Russian aviation and aerospace industries are demonstrated.

The Congress has become the largest forum to discuss and find practical solutions to various issues of the Eurasian aerospace cooperation. It has also grown to host high-profile meetings of leading experts in the field of space rocket technology and systems development and operation, artificial earth satellites, manned orbital vehicles and ground-based space infrastructure. By offering ample business communication opportunities, the Congress will facilitate in finding solutions to challenges of the present day and outlining a roadmap for the development of the space industry in the 21-st century.

The aerospace industry develops at a high pace, and new challenges emerge every day stressing the importance of a constant dialogue between state authorities, business, expert community and managers, scientific organizations, developers and manufacturers of space and aviation systems and equipment.

In the Russian Federation, the space industry makes considerable contribution to the development of science and hi-tech industries, and it is one of the high-priority areas of the state policy. We work to achieve practical goals of space exploration and use, such as manned and unmanned space flights, fundamental and applied scientific research, and developing new aerospace systems and technologies, including multi-satellite data transmission and broadband Internet access systems, remote probing of the Earth and sharing space industry products and results across various industries of different states.

As the EAEU states strengthen their scientific and industrial potential and show an increasing interest in space activities, the current trend is to move from a bilateral to a multilateral format of cooperation.

The focus areas of the Congress agenda reflect current situation, and the presentations, opinions and consultations promise to be very useful.

I hope that the decisions made at the Congress will contribute to widening and deepening cooperation between the EAEU member states in the area of space exploration and exploitation.

I wish successful and fruitful work to all the participants and guests of the Congress!

Deputy Chairman of State Duma Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship Committee

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

I am happy to welcome you at the Fourth Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

The Congress traditionally opens the business program of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 and serves an efficient platform to consolidate scientific, business and government concepts to resolve global and applied challenges and contribute to further development of the aerospace industry in the Eurasian region.

At the Congress, we will together identify the key trends in the global aerospace industry and discuss ambitious projects promising breakthrough technological development of Russia and ensuring competitiveness of our country in the international political arena.

Despite current challenging situation, slowdown of the global economy, caused by the pandemic, political confrontation and sanctions pressure, the State Duma has been working hard to refine Russian legislation in order to further implement the industrial policy of the Russian Federation and increase socioeconomic stability. However, the top priority for our legislators is to improve the regulatory environment and make it more flexible to allow for innovative solutions and foresight institutions.

Therefore, I, being a deputy and a leader of the “Growth Drivers” project aimed at developing our domestic economy, am open to interaction and cooperation.

I am sure, that together we will not only to identify the key management challenges in the aerospace industry but also outline ways to solve them.

I wish good health, fruitful work and new achievements to all of you!

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gutenev
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gutenev
First Vice-President of the Russian Engineering Union

Dear Friends!

On behalf of the Russian Engineering Union, I would like to welcome the delegates, organizers and guests of the Fourth Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

The Congress showed itself to be a large-scale platform where representatives of the industry community discuss management issues in aviation and cosmonautics. Working out a long-term development strategy, searching for breakthrough focus areas, expanding the horizons of international cooperation and strengthening the interaction with the scientific and educational community are the cross-cutting topics of the event helping to shape the perspective image of the industry.

The year 2020 has drastically changed the situation in the global economy, especially in high-tech industries. The responsibility for the decisions made has increased manifold, however, new opportunities have opened up for us to strengthen the status of Russia as a leading aerospace power. The Congress platform fully allows us to carry on a constructive dialogue on the creation of favorable conditions for the development of the industry.

I do not doubt that the extensive event program of the Fourth Eurasian Aerospace Congress with the scheduled participation of the leading world experts will allow us to resolve many pressing questions, lead to the implementation of promising projects and give impetus to reaching new heights.

I wish you good health, advanced achievements and all the best!